Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday update

We are having a quiet morning with 2 kids at VBS beginning today. I'm hanging out with Ella and Kylie and will be leaving in an hour to pick up the kids at the church. My middle child is at grandmas until tonight. I'm dreading her return, not because I don't miss her, but there is always conflicts between her and her siblings. It has been such a quiet weekend with her away. Do I sound like a bad mother? I do love her, just wish there could be peace in the home! I want to iron out all the problems now before Elijah comes home!

I am going to a baby shower tonight for a good friend I grew up with. She is having a girl and it should be fun. I am bringing Ella with me and leaving the rest of the kids with Jeremiah.

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Ericka said...

Oh my gosh, Kim, you and I sound SO much alike. My 'middle' fights and fights and fights with his two brothers and I go crazy. I swear I've said more than once dad will come home and I'll be completely freaked out in a corner somewhere from all the mediating I do. Just when I've completely lost it, he'll do something to make me smile - thank goodness!!!!
Ella sounds like she is doing SO well - I'm so glad. Please give Helande a huge hug for me also, ok???? You are a VERY great friend and support to Sarah! I'm so glad she has you in her life!
Oh, guess what I'm hearing as I type this, yes fighting!!! Better go and separate!!!!