Thursday, April 24, 2008

little news....

I have posted nothing but photos because that is all I have to post. We have not heard any news about Elijah's file. There have been some COTP kids that have been signed out of IBESR recently I am getting more hopeful! We are going on month seven in IBESR, praying that we will have good news soon.

We have been busy with Jean Alex, I went to Sacramento last week for surgery number one. Then we leave again on May 1st. Keep up to date on my other

Sarah and I took Kelly, our dear friend out to dinner last night. She and her family are moving across the state, and we will miss her a bunch. The good news is she will be living near my in-laws, so when we go for a visit, we can go visit her too!

We are planning a garage sale this weekend! This time it's not at my house!

Please continue to pray for Elijah's adoption, and for Jean Alex!

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