Monday, April 21, 2008

Things I like to do in the hospital

Hi everyone,
I was in the hospital for five days last week, and had a lot of fun. How do you have fun in the hospital? What kind of question is that? There were a lot of things to do at Sutter.

They had some fun people that came and played with me, they also brought me toys.

They had a big box above my crib with moving pictures called a television. I was not too sure about this thing, but I liked to stare at in, until Kika moved the curtain in front of it so I couldn't watch it anymore.

Kika liked to read books to me. I really liked to listen to them and look at the pictures.

This is what happened when we had to stop reading and get poked at by a nurse.

I also went on a few walks around the hallway. I loved when everyone said how cute I was.

I made some friends and we shared a room. It was fun to have other babies to talk to.

I had a lot of nice people who gave me great care and love while I was there. I also met a man and woman from Haiti. They came to see me and spoke to me in my language a bit! They wil be back to see me in May. That is when I will come back to the hospital again. I hope I have just as much fun!

Love you all,

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elosangel said...

I'm glad you had fun in the hospital. Kika is right - too much TV is bad for babies! And I agree - you are the cutest boyo! I keep you in my prayers, sweetie.