Tuesday, January 5, 2010

birthday celebration

pushing his dump truck

S. standing on the table showing us his new stroller!

Reading a card from family

Singing a favorite song in our house!

We had a quiet celebration at home for S. on Sunday. After church, we ate lunch and went to the store. S. helped pick out his gift from us. I baked a chocolate cake with cream cheese/chocolate frosting. The kids played, we ate dinner, and then had cake. S. really liked it when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He can almost sing it too. He nearly blew the candles out by himself but needed a little bit of help. The boys had a bath (what a mess) and then got into their pajamas. S. opened his gifts. He got a few fun gifts from us, Grandma and Grandpa A, and Aunt and Uncle (and cousins). We got him a dump truck and a mini trampoline. G&G got him a wooden cookie playset and a doll stroller (he's been stealing his sister's since Christmas!). He got a card and money from Aunt and Uncle. He was so excited to open his gifts and play with them. You should see him jump on the trampoline! What a great way to burn off extra energy!

E. kept telling us that he needed a present and tried to sing "Happy Birthday" to E. We reminded him that it was S's birthday and that soon it will be E's. He was great at taking turns with his brother, and his brother was great at sharing his new toys. I am so proud of them both.

Happy Birthday big two year old boy!


One Crowded House said...

He is a cutie... love those striped pjs!

Kathy C. said...

I can't believe he is two already!!

Jim and April said...

aww...how cute! Happy birthday! Our friends son has that same dump truck...its so cool!

Ericka said...

Happy Birthday cutie pie!