Friday, January 22, 2010

Mercy's health

Mercy is doing great! I got an update from her caregiver, and she is currently not having seizures on her medication. Here is what the email said:
We feel that her concentration got less since she is on this medication. She forgets things faster and because of this she seems frustrated and because of this she cries more often. We feel that she needs more attantion for this and we can not really offer that.

Please keep praying! Every day I feel like we are making progress on gathering all our paperwork. Only a few things left to go.

My friend S. is traveling tomorrow to Uganda for a court hearing for her son. A few months ago I sent her a package for her to bring to Mercy. The court date kept getting postponed and now she and her husband are finally going! I am so happy for her and excited that Mercy will get our gifts from us, including a photo album of our family.

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