Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things to do...

  • Wait for our i600a approval
  • Get a letter from MAT about how we heard about Mercy (almost done)
  • Wait for a final draft of our affidavit (lawyer still needs to get a few more details)
  • Get my college transcript in the mail soon. DONE
  • Get a letter from a doctor saying Mercy needs specialized care. (emailed doctor and he is going to work on that for us)

Then when we get our final affidavit and other paperwork, we will take in the copies and get them notarized. Make more copies, and mail it all to Uganda. Then we wait for a court date...try to arrange for last minute travel plans, and go!

It is difficult to get excited about all this, since the horrible earthquake in Haiti. I have been working hard with MAT, even was interviewed by MSNBC. I have had MANY inquiries about becoming a host parent in the last two days. I don't know if our sons' birth families have survived. My son Sammy's original paperwork is all in a destroyed government building. We are waiting for answers. Trying to help as best we can from here. And praying.

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