Monday, January 18, 2010


It's been a while since I have updated the blog about my grocery challenge. I have really fallen behind on that but I believe I am still on track. The whole Haiti thing has really put things in perspective for me and I realized that in the big picture I would rather spend my time volunteering for the Medical Advocacy Team right now than record grocery spending! I have been glued to the internet and news... and heard great news tonight that orphaned Haitian children who were in the process of being adopted will be granted a visa or humanitarian parole! How exciting for these waiting families. I knew that something good would have come out of the rubble. I have been quite depressed the last few days, after the reality of this sunk in. People I have met, and places I have visited are forever changed. The footage and stories I have heard just break my heart. And yet, our lives here continue on. The Medical Advocacy Team is working full force to get things lined up for the kids we were working on before the quake. There may be more coming. It will be interesting to see how this all happens. My inbox has never seen so much action! There are many people wanting to help. I also created a facebook page for MAT, so you can join and keep up to date there. My home and kids have been a bit neglected this week, but they are just as concerned for the Haitian people as I am. They have been asking about the kids we have helped in the past. I have heard that Clepson is ok, but have not heard from anyone else. I would love to know if S.'s birth family is ok.

Pray with me please, and praise God that there are so many people who desire to help!

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