Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's it take to get some help for my child?

E. got some mail today. Registration paperwork for speech therapy. I heard back from them the other day and found out there is waiting list. He will most likely not get an evaluation until March or April. Ugh. The only people who can really understand him is our family. Everyone assumes he is two years old. He will be four in April.

The OT therapy is not doing much good at all. I find it a complete waste of time.

I found three + wads of paper shoved in his ear canal last night. Really? What is he thinking? Everything goes in his mouth, up his nose, or now in his ears I guess. He still holds his hands in a fist or pinched finger sort of thing when he is nervous or stressed out. He touches everything, even after I tell him not to and he repeats my instruction so I am sure he understood.

This morning he took K.'s makeup out of her purse and smeared it all over my carpet. I remember when my son L. did that, but used my lipstick tube to color on my bedsheets!

Bedtime is better, but with the help of melatonin.

We will be re-screening him this spring for developmental preschool but I am not sure he is delayed enough to qualify for services. Right now he is delayed in speech and gross motor skills. I am anxious to see what happens.

Hearing and vision evals. both showed some issues, but because he can't cooperate he must go back in six months. Story of my life. Why can't anything get resolved NOW?

I have seen great strides with E.. He can actually hold a conversation with us and is beginning to learn how to pretend. He has a silly sense of humor. He is getting better about playing independently, but still doesn't prefer it. He will listen to books. He is learning to say please and thank you. He is learning boundaries with strangers and will shake their hands (and say nice to meet you) instead of giving hugs and kisses. He will hold our hand in the parking lot of a store and (most of the time) will cooperatively walk beside us. He will share if we remind. He is completely toilet trained except at night. He is excellent at telling us when his brother S. is up to no good!

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Kathy C. said...

Hang in there! Keep bugging people about testing. I've been trying for three years with Jasmine. They are finally going to test her but by time they do, it will be too late for this year. Once they see her FCAT scores in two months I think we will get what she needs.