Tuesday, July 27, 2010

going soon

I am getting ready to book a flight to meet my M. Some tell me to wait until we actually have a court date to go. Some tell me I may get sick or hurt while I am in country. But the facts are:
  • J. is on vacation and can be home with the kids during the time I am gone.
  • M. needs me. She is not doing better and we still don't really have a technical diagnoses. A US doc. looked at her MRI and other tests and thinks she has CP. I hope to spend some time with her, giving her love and attention. Also I may be able to take her to some doctors in country.
  • I can spend some time learning the culture and bonding while she is in a familiar environment.
  • I am going with no expectations (well lets be honest, it would be awesome for God to give us a miracle) but just to see if I can "nudge" some people in a good direction!
  • If we do get a court date while I am there, then we only have to pay for ONE last minute ticket.
Tickets are currently around $2000. We need some help with this and are praying for God's provision. Money is just money and it will all work out. A quote from my hubs. If you know him, this is a bit out of character! So it's a good indication that this is the right decision.

J. won a hotel package at a beautiful hotel near us and we have decided to give it away to raise money for my trip. (details in the post below) If you can bless us by donating, we can enter you for the drawing. If you can't use the prize, maybe you could give to someone who can?

Please pray for me and my little girl. Pray for provision, safety, movement and that my family at home will be ok too.

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