Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer is here

Finally we are enjoying some nice weather! We had a great time camping. We were close enough to home that we could home here for some laundry, lunch, nap time, etc. We camped from Tuesday night, until Sunday morning. We came home and slept in our beds one night, but other than that we made it!!! The kids loved being out there, since they had a few friends to play with and an amazing playground with room to run. They roasted marshmallows for Smores a few nights and went snipe hunting a few nights too! K. got to sleep in her friend's trailer a couple nights, which made more room in the tent for us! I was freezing the first few nights, so on one trip home we grabbed a heating pad, plugged it in and it really helped warm us up.

On the fourth, J. had to work. We had a bbq with friends, then came home early to rest up. I was not planning on going anywhere, I was TIRED! Then out of the blue, J. called to say he was going to get off work by 9pm. What a blessing. He drove home, took a few of the older kids with him to watch a fireworks display from the work rooftop while I vegged and the younger kids went to bed.

Now that camping is over, the sun came out. We are having a heat wave baby! It is nice but a little too warm for my liking, since we have no AC. But I don't think this hot weather will last much more than a few days.

Speaking of heat, please pray for my son L. He is leaving for Tecate on Sunday. They are expecting temps over 100 degrees. I am hoping and praying he takes good care of himself and that he will come back a changed and more spiritually mature young man. He will be there a week, helping with church projects and doing a VBS program with the youth there. Keep him and the team in your prayers please!

My little girls are spending four days with my parents and attending an art day camp. Check out the artist's blog. Look where they traveled last year! Too bad they didn't write too much about their visit to the country we will be visiting soon. I spoke to them briefly about it yesterday, but had to run since the little boys were waiting. They seem like a very nice couple. The girls are having a blast!

As for M: She got some blood work done but I have not had much help with finding someone with medical expertise to read the results. I have sent them off to several people, and hoping to hear something soon. It doesn't look too hopeful to get the travel date before courts close next week. Please pray that we can still get a date soon, I hear they open again mid August. I really don't want to wait too much longer than that!! I am almost tempted to just buy tickets to come over then anyway, but we can't be gone too long. Please pray for some clear answers and direction for little M. And for her health and development.

Well, off to tackle some laundry and pack for L. It's super quiet right now with nap time, girls gone and some kids with Dad!

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