Sunday, September 5, 2010

Africa? Sure... Why not?

The court date has been confirmed, and I bought two round trip tickets to Uganda today. WOW! Hard to believe, but so thankful for Gods faithfulness and the love and support of friends and family.

Kim will be flying home later this week. Then, in less then two weeks after that, she and I will be flying all the way back.

Gonna need a lot of prayer on this one. Looking for safe flights, no missing luggage, and just 'cause we have a court date, doesn't guarantee the judge will grant us custody.

God is gracious and we have faith that His will shall prevail. We just need to remember to align our own desires with His.

Thank you Mom for being here and taking care of the kids while we are off traipsing around the globe. Thank you Nancy and Lanny as well, for your support and help with everything.

Sorry I haven't updated often. (I'm not much of a blogger really.) Kim will be back soon, and I'm sure will have more then enough to blog about for days on end. Without a computer the past 3 weeks, I'm sure she's just itch'n to get back at the keyboard.

Ya know, someday, Kim and I will take a big fancy trip somewhere, and not bring a kid back...maybe. They do make entertaining little souvenirs.

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Kathy C. said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyy for the court date

praying all goes well