Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Well, I may have missed the first day of L. and K.'s parent partnership homeschool classes, but I did NOT miss C. and E.'s first days! This was due to a teachers' strike in their district. C. started sixth grade yesterday. Classes were delayed nearly a week. She rode the bus to school and we met her there for photos and to meet her teacher. She has a male teacher this year and he seemed nice. Today she got all her work in order when she got home and packed her lunch for tomorrow!

L. and K. go to a homeschool program outside of our district since ours doesn't offer anything similar. L. is going to classes three and a half days a week with other homeschooled jr. highers. K. goes to classes two times a week, and I will teach her the remaining days.

E. goes to developmental preschool in our district. His first day is tomorrow. He is going to be riding a school bus (for 45 minutes one way!) and can hardly stop talking about it! I really hopes he enjoys it because he will be on it a lot. He is going four days a week in the afternoons this year, which makes me a bit nervous since he sometimes is pretty tired or cranky after lunch. He can't wait to see his teacher again, and the friends he has in his class.

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