Wednesday, September 15, 2010

oh Africa

across the road

fruit from the oil palms

beautiful flowers outside my bathroom window

kids washing shoes

the Nile

I love being home but images of my trip remain in my head. It's amazing I have only been home a week, but I am already back to the same routine (minus television since we cancelled our service before I left). I miss M. a lot and it sounds like she is doing well. She is excited to meet her Daddy and keeps talking about me pampering her while I was there. Not sure where she learned that word? I don't believe I ever said anything like that and I tried to keep things normal for her as much as possible. Of course, she loved the semi private room and the new (to her) clothes and shoes. And we got to go on some fun road trips with just her. But other than that...

Except for having to leave the kids, I am excited to return next week. I want to experience it all again with my love by my side. I hope to do a few more tourist type things while he is with me. I didn't get quite brave enough to go out on my own.

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