Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have been spending my days at home getting ready for our upcoming trip. J. will be gone for a little more than three weeks. Me, for as long as it takes to get M. home. I am praying less than a month.

It is hard for us to ask for help. I feel like a lot of people have thoughts like, "Well you decided to adopt again and travel, so you should arrange for your family to be well provided for." I can understand that viewpoint to a degree, but let me just say that we didn't really decide to adopt again on our own. It was something that the Lord prompted in our hearts to do. He called us to it. Really. In my prayers I actually had many questions, concerns and excuses for why we shouldn't adopt M. Lots of them. Friends and family have expressed some to us too. We know it is a lot to leave our kids without parents for a long time. To travel across the country when we couldn't afford it. To welcome into our family a child with extra special needs.

J's mom said she would come and stay as long as she is needed. My parents will most likely spend time with a few kids at their home when they can. My friend has offered to help as well.
***Also wanted to add this about my mother in law. She is willing to come here, to take care of her grandchildren. She lives across the state. She may even have to give up her job, and she is willing to do that for us! What a wonderful woman. One who will need and deserves some help. She is not likely to ask for it.***

It terrifies me to leave our five children. It makes me sad to think how much I will miss them and they will miss us. My girls get teary eyed just talking about it. My little boys are so little. One is still forming attachments and bonding with us. One has special needs. Ugh, my heart hurts just typing this.

We will need support.
We will need help.
We will need prayer warriors.
We will need encouragement.

There is a Care Calendar set up for people who would like to help us in practical ways. I don't want to give out the code publicly on here, but if you would like to help please contact me or Sarah at to get the code to view it.

Here are some ways our local friends/family can lend a hand:
  • offer to take one or a few kids for a break for my mom in law, even if it's to McDonald's Playland to burn off energy and have some ice cream!
  • bring over a meal (even pizza is great!)
  • offer to help with housework or yard work
  • help in case something is needed with the house/property
  • offer to run errands for my kids/ mom in law
  • take a kid to an appointment or school if needed
  • pray, pray, pray
  • send us emails or Facebook messages with words of encouragement
  • we may need help with unexpected finances while we are gone

Some ways out of town friends/family can help:
  • call my family at home to encourage, check in, and pray
  • send emails or facebook messages to us to encourage and lift our spirits
  • send notes, letters, care packages to our children
  • send gift cards to favorite eateries for a special treat (you know, the places kids love!)
  • pray pray pray for us!
  • put us on your prayer chain at church, ask anyone you know to pray
  • we may need help with unexpected finances while we are gone
Thank you to all of you who have carried this burden with us so far. For people who have been praying. For family who have helped. For rides to and from the airport. For meals brought over. For special cards tucked in my luggage. For fundraisers held to benefit M. For encouraging words. For donations for us to bring to the kids at the orphanage. Even people in country have been so gracious. We really do appreciate it all!

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Mama D.'s Dozen said...

I just want to encourage you ... that your kids at home will be okay. They will miss you ... but they will be okay.

When Jim and I went to Ghana, two years ago, we left 7 children home alone with our 21 y.o. son. He was working 2 jobs and was in charge of homeschooling the children. We have no involved relatives ... no wonderful grandmas to come stay.

We thought we would be gone 2 weeks, but had to extend our stay. I was gone 3 weeks, and Jim was gone 4 weeks.

All of our kids knew how important this was ... they knew that this was something Dad & Mom had to do, and they were all willing to step up to the task of staying home alone.

I am glad that you are BLESSED with a grandma to be with your children (since you don't have a 21 y.o. yet). :)

Please email me your home phone number (or grandmas cell number). Oh ... I'll check out that care calendar, as well. We will be out of town for a few days, but I may be able to help with a meal or two.

I will be praying for all of you, as you step out in faith and do what the Lord has called you to do.