Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a week!

We are at an internet cafe using the internet, since the laptop is still refusing to cooperate and the battery will not charge. We have had a busy week, traveling, catching up on missed sleep, meeting M., going to the capital for court, seeing beautiful falls on the Nile, going to church, meeting friends in town, riding a boda (J's first time), shopping at the market for the orphanage.

We had a lousy day on Friday with our court date. We were the last to appear before the judge, and he did not understand why our case was filed there. He believed it should be filed closed to where M. is from. So that is what we are doing now. It was filed yesterday, and we will see what happens. This is very strange to us and our lawyer. I don't want to go into many details, but we need lots of prayers. There are many ways this can go, but it doesn't feel like this will be a smooth process.

We have heard from home a few times, and they sound like they are doing well. We are well too, enjoying being here together. We've seen some beautiful and ugly things in this country. So grateful to be able to experience life here and have time to learn and grow.


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

So good to hear from you; you've been in my thoughts.

Glad that you and Jeremiah are enjoying your time together, despite the frustrations with court. (I can only imagine ... even without details ... as I have experienced Ghanaian adoption).

Hugs & Prayers!

Laurel :)

sara said...

Praying for you friend! So sorry for all this mess...good thing God is still in control!