Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Second Day of Homeschooling

It is day two of homeschooling. Yesterday was a long day. We didn't get through everything I though we should have, but we did 5 hours of schoolwork. We also had to go to the dentist to repair some of the kids' sealants. I scheduled it right in the middle of the day, bad mistake. Today we started out good, then went to the swimming pool with Sarah and her kids. It was a lot of fun and we got a good workout in! We got home late, but I had my kids finish up the rest of their work. Surprisingly they finished with no complaints! The best part is I can use 2 hours of pool time to count toward our school hours. We have to keep track of hours for the school program the kids are in. Loren needs 25 hours a week and Corinn needs 20.

I am off to put the kids to bed, we will see how the rest of the week goes.

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