Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thank You

Christella's Family... a thank YOU

The letter that Lori translated for Christella's Mom.

Hello Friends,

I am Guerda, the mother of Christella. Christella was a baby that I had without pain and when I was pregnant with her I never felt a thing and I was never sick. It was when she was born, I saw that she had something on her back that was giving a lot of pus (fluid). I didn't deliver her in the hospital. When she was born at 11pm and I saw her back, we ran with her and took her to Bernard Mevs Hospital because we were very scared for her. When I got to the hospital, there wasn't a doctor there. There wasn't any beds either, but the nurses looked at her. They said that there was no doctor right then but the nurses all agreed that they would hold her until morning when the doctor would come.

He said that they couldn't do anything. After that, I went to my house. This gave me many problems when they told me that they could do nothing for my child. The next day, I left my house very early so that I could go to another hospital called St. Catherines Hospital in Cite Soley, Port-au-Prince. This hospital didn't even receive her. They sent me to General Hospital, which is the big government hospital. At that time the General Hospital was on strike and they weren't really working. They told me that they couldn't do anything for her because that day they had 5 children die in the hospital. After that I was obligated to return to Bernard Mevs hospital. It was then that I found a doctor that said he would admit Christella to the hospital. Then he told me that she needed an operation, I asked how much money I had to give him. That doctor told me that I had to give him $5000 Haitian dollars (US$675). I told the doctor that I couldn't ever give him that much money because I didn't have it. Then he humiliated and made fun of me in front of many people. He said that he would never do anything for me or Christella. He never took care of her again.

I had to leave the hospital, but I still came back. After some time, a doctor wanted to operate, but he couldn't see in what way he would do the operation. He sent me back to my house again. After that, I just asked God what to do for my child because I didn't have any money. I didn't have anything at all. I couldn't work and care for my 2 year old twin girls. My husband couldn't find work. All I could do was pray because I had nothing else. It was during that time that her back healed and didn't have any fluid coming out of it again.

After some time, it opened back up again. I took her several other places and I can't even remember them all. Her back would leak fluid off and on throughout all of these months. I finally told Christella's godmother that I wanted to try to go to a hospital of white people with her. She responded that she would take me to a distant village called Kazale where there were good white people that believed in God and help people a lot.

Without even thinking, I said let's go with her now. When I got to Kazale, I found the white people's clinic. The man at the gate looked at her and let us in. When I got inside the clinic, they made a chart and they the white lady look at her. She sent me to Healing Hands. The doctor said that he would never touch my child. He said that if she was operated on she would die. I chose not to listen to him because he was encouraging me to give up and let her die. I couldn't lose hope.

I returned to the Kazale clinic and they made a way for Christella to have an operation for water on her brain. They put in a tube that has helped her a lot. He couldn't believe that she lived. After she was discharged from the hospital, I went back to Kazale to see Lori. Christella's back was leaking and she wasn't doing very well. Lori took some pictures and gave me some medicine. I took Christella home and gave her the medicine and put cream on her back. It healed up and stopped leaking. Lori called me that weekend and told me that she wanted to get Christella's birth certificate and come to Kazale on Sunday. I did that and she told me that there were some very good white people trying to help Christella by finding a hospital and doctor that could do the surgery for free.

On Monday we started doing all the paperwork. I couldn't believe it was all happening so fast. The white people said she needed an operation quickly and that they were going to do all that they could to get her to go to the United States so that an operation could be done. When she told me that I was very happy because I saw that God was doing HIS work for my child.

I don't recognize your face and I could never pay you for the services that you are donating for me child and my family, but God in Heaven will repay you.

Many, Many Thanks.

Helande's Family... a Thank YOU

This letter came with Helande's paperwork. Lori translated for little Bugs Mama and I thought that it was important to share with all you prayer warriors out there!

Dear Supporters,
I am Rosemene, the mother of Helande. I gave birth at my house in the area of Lacoupe Madigra. When I finished delivering her, I saw my child was born with a ball on the back of her head. When I saw this, I went to the Sodo Hospital with her. The doctor said that he couldn't do anything for my child. After that, they sent me to the Kanje Hospital, but I didn't go. I preferred to come to the Grace Health Center in Kazale. When I came to the clinic, they sent me to Healing Hands Hospital. When I got there, they did a consultation for her and they said that they couldn't do anything for her. When I was finished passing in all of these places and they said that they couldn't do anything for my baby girl, Lori said that she would create a way to find a contact with someone so my child could go and get an operation in another country for her head. After Lori told me that they found a good doctor who would do the operation for my girl, I was so very, very, very happy because now I had a hope that my child could be helped and saved. I tell God thank you before everyone. I thank Lori and I thank every person that I don't even know that gave us this big grace, this big favor. Thank you for the expenses and sacrifices that you are giving to help my baby and our family. You are doing this so that my child will have life. I believe that God will give you reward and repay you on my behalf. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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