Monday, September 3, 2007

Summer over?

It is Labor Day and here I am at the computer. Jeremiah is working today, but he just had his days off and we had a great weekend. It was Jeremiah's birthday and we went to this dirt racetrack with some friends and watched cars racing around on Sat. and were treated with a firework show after the races. Sarah watched the kids for us so it was a nice getaway. Then yesterday we went to church and a BBQ. We also had time to swing by a friends' house and pick up a bunk bed they were giving us! We set it up in our son's room and hopefully the bottom bunk will be used sooner than later by Elijah.

I have been feeling sad lately, mainly because of Helande and Ella going home soon. We were originally thinking that Sarah and I would take them back to Haiti, but now it looks like we will have someone else escort them home. It may be very soon. The whole thought of it grieves me. Mainly because if something happens with their shunts they need to get help fast, and they may not be able to do that in Haiti. I just wish their family could move to the US or somewhere with better medical facilities. I will miss both girls so much but especially Helande since she has spent so much time with us. Since meeting these girls and starting our adoption, my eyes have been opened wide to the world and countries that need help. I so want to help every single orphan or hurting child.

I have been praying about mission work, and I'm not sure where God will lead with that. Jeremiah is not at the point where he would like to give up his job, but he is able to take vacation days back to back so he may be able to take a month or two off at a time. Maybe we should just start with a visit to Haiti and see what happens.

Homeschooling starts tomorrow. I am not ready at all but that is ok. One of the benefits of homeschooling is flexibility. I mean, for the last 10 minutes my kids have been watching two spiders in the corner "fighting". That's educational isn't it! I am not sure if I should explain that they may not be fighting....

The weather here has been not too desirable, I am thinking summer may be over. I do love the fall though. I hope that we have mild weather so we can do some fun outside activities.

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