Saturday, September 8, 2007

Soccer Season

I am not a soccer mom. Sure, I drive a van. Yes, I take my kid to every practice and game. But I am not a soccer mom. I don't stand on the sidelines yelling at my kid, or other kids, or the refs. I don't bring snacks for everyone. (unless instructed too) And I don't know what is going on during the game most of the time. I am glad I have my husband who actually enjoys and plays sports with me to explain all the penalties, rules and positions. I would say he is a soccer dad. I also am glad that I was able to figure out on my own that Loren's team won (3 to 0) their first game! Hurrah for you, son!

This afternoon Loren is on the way to Seattle with his dad to see a college football game. They are both very excited. Meanwhile, I am picking up 2 little girls to go with my 2 girls to my parents' house. We are having an early birthday party. Corinn wanted to do a makeover party so we are doing a bit of makeup, nails and hair. Then pizza, dessert, gifts and a movie and come home. Should be fun!

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