Monday, November 3, 2008


My friend is pregnant with her 4th child. She and I have had a few discussions about baby names. She is REALLY into the meaning of the name, even more that the way it sounds. I am the opposite. I really think about how the name will sound, whether it is a little unique (especially with the last name Smith) and if the child is going to grow up hating me for it later!
So I asked her what Kylie means in her name book. She disgustingly said, "It means "boomerang!" All I could do was laugh. Today I was looking up names on the web and came across this comment:

The name Kylie, was derived from a Koori word meaning 'small boomerang'. It is actually in the dictonary and the meaning is common knowledge in Australia. I think that the meaning suits me well, because no matter how hard you try to push me down I will always get back up.. same characteristics as boomerang, if thrown correctly it will always come back.

How true and what a great way to describe Miss Kylie, our third child, and little princess!

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