Friday, November 28, 2008

Standing on his own

Almost...Samuel is getting braver and it standing all by himself for about 10 seconds at a time! I can't believe how big and independent he is getting. He did wake up early and I brought him into bed with me for some lovely snuggle time this morning. I love that!

The speach therapist came and we discussed our plan and goals for Samuel. We want to work on him imitating sounds, waving, signing a few words (but not overwhelm him) and communicate when he wants something or "up". I really like the therapist, and by the way, my pre-teen son thinks she is "hot". I just about fell over when I heard that and we had a talk about how that is not a nice way to describe women. Especially when they are about 20 years older than him!

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MamaSwan said...

I can't believe he is up and almost standing alone! Seems like he was just a little baby. He always looks so happy. You're so blessed!!! Jennifer S.