Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend update

We got a call from Children's Hospital about setting up an EEG for Sammy. He has to go to an appointment on Dec. 4 for several hours. He will be sleep deprived for it, and they want him to fall asleep during the tests. I am not sure how cooperative he will be, or how I will keep him from sleeping on the hour long car ride.

Sammy is having a speech therapist come to the house for our first consulation. She will be working on his communication skills and cognative skills. He is still delayed in these areas. He was on the waiting list for this program and I am glad it is his turn for services now!

I spent an hour yesterday playing with him and singing fun songs. It is so neat to see him interact with me and watch his face light up when he learns something new. He likes peek a boo, row your boat (he moves his body back and forth so well!) and 5 little monkeys (he likes when I hold his body so he can jump up and down on our bed). Some of the things he is working on is sign language. We are just working on two signs, milk and more. He sometimes tries to sign milk, and sometimes not. He is that way with waving bye too. It took him a long time to learn to clap his hands. It seems like he learns a skill, and then forgets it a few days later. Then he relearns it.

Samuel had his first official play date last Tuesday with my friend Josie's baby Matilda. Tilly and Sammy had a fun time together. He liked playing with her fun toys and watching her. Then at lunch he just stared at her!! It was funny. Then they played some more before nap time. He did really well. It really was a good chance for Josie and I to catch up, but I think that the kids had a good time too. They just don't play "together" at this age yet. Next time I think I will have them come to our house. I don't think Josie has been her yet. I have known Josie since I was a toddler!!

This will be Sammy's first Christmas and I am trying to figure out what to get him. We will also be celebrating his birthday on Jan. 4. My kids don't have birthdays so close to the holidays, the closest is Kylie, whose is in Feb. I am not sure if we will be having a big first birthday celebration, or just a small one with family. I feel like we have a lot to celebrate!

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