Monday, November 17, 2008

Praying harder!!!

So, I am thinking the idea of having Elijah home by Christmas would take a miracle.  I am now praying that he is home by his birthday, April 7.  Please join our family in praying for him.  I have been reading horrible stories of families whose children were denied their visa.  Their legally adopted children.  The families have no choice but to leave their children there in Haiti, or live in Haiti for two years until they can apply for a different type of visa for their children.  I am praying the entire adoption process in Haiti will improve.  It is so sad that it takes soooo long for these kids to come to their forever home. 

I watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night on tv.  It featured a family who adopted 5 boys from Haiti and 3 from the US.  It was a great show!  They loaded up a few trucks to deliver toys and supplies to send to Haiti, plus blessed this family with an amazing new home.

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Kathy C. said...

YOu are on our prayer chain. You can see it on my blog. Just click on the picture to see the names. They are a green slip half way down (or up depending on how you look at it!)