Saturday, September 26, 2009

Battle of wills ends with a grumpy mom and 3 year old.

8:00 pm.
In corner one... a lightweight at 30 lbs. Little E. in his pajamas and teeth brushed, story read, ready for bed.

In corner two... mother of 5 kids, wanting some time to herself for a few hours before retiring.


E. comes out fighting, struggling, screaming when put to bed. Would not be quiet, waking his little brother several times.

Mama responds by singing songs, light massage and back rub, playing lullaby music, and swaddling E. with a stretchy sheet. E. wiggles out of swaddle quickly, giggling, then screams some more when Mama leaves the room.

9:30 pm

E. says he needs to go pee pee. Mama takes him and sets him on the toilet. He is there for a long time. Mama asks if he is finished several times. The answer is always no.

E. says he doesn't want to come out of the bathroom. Mama asks if he wants to sleep on the toilet. E. says "yes" or really more like "yets" Mama lets him sit there for awhile, hoping soon his rear will fall asleep and he will want to go lay down. E. sits on the toilet for 3o minutes, Mama helps him off the toilet, unwillingly.

E. sticks his tongue out at Mama. He is put back to bed.

Screaming begins again after mama gets in her bed. Mama goes back in several more times telling him to be quiet and go to sleep. Patience is about gone.

11:00 pm
Mama decides to put him somewhere where screaming will not bother sick little brother. Eventually, E. falls asleep on the floor next to mama's bed. At nearly midnight.

3:00 pm
Papa comes home from a really late night working. I am sure things would have gone a lot differently if he were home. E. seems to listen to Papa a lot better than Mama. Papa moves E. to his bed.

Today, I am grumpy, E. is grumpy. I am praying for more patience, and hoping boundaries will not be pushed tonight. Also hoping Papa will be home on time tonight!


Kathy C. said...

Bedtime battles are never fun!

One Crowded House said...

my little E (3 years) is our the most difficult defiant child we have ever had. He is ornery, and sometimes just a real turkey. He won't sit in one spot when we go places and repeatedly tries to get up... resulting in a wrestling match..... it wears mommy and daddy out!!!!

our E's bedtime sounds very similar to yours. Usually after about 45 minutes our guy will run out of excuses to get out of bed- so we start bedtime at 7:45 :)