Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Total funds raised for RHFH so far..

I did the math and so far the money raised for Real Hope for Haiti is totaling $76.76. That is great, a little goes a long way and they really need the funds. If you can still spread the word about my fundraiser, I would appreciate it so much. New pledges are always welcome, and if you would like, I can start counting today instead of from the start. I also have had one one time donation, which is very nice to be able to send in to RHFH right now. The check should be made to RHFH and it can be sent to their address (I can get it for you). It is tax deductible!
Thanks so much friends for helping me and RHFH!

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Sadie said...

I posted it on my Facebook page... Hope it helps!! :)