Saturday, September 12, 2009


I took E. to his first therapy appointment yesterday.  The OT is a very nice, gentle woman who basically lets E. do whatever he wants to in the small room EXCEPT touch the cd player and go into the two walk in storage closets. One time he pushed the limits and got his entire body in the closet and the therapist had to get a bit aggressive, but overall he did fine.  He walked around, jumped on wedges, blocks and round cylinders.  He rocked and swung and tooted a horn.  The therapist gave him a trumpet toy and a harmonica to help satisfy his urge to mouth things and make lots of noise. Who knew that the most annoying toy in the world would be therapy for my son?  She also recommended we buy some noise makers for our house.  To use during "certain times"  meaning when I am feeling sane. We went to Target after therapy and picked out a harmonica (not so annoying) and a recorder, both in lime green.  


Kathy C. said...

What fun therapy : )

Laurie said...

Oh I hate noisy toys! i can take them in small doses but get on my nerves in a hurray.

Hope you find that the therapy is benenficial to E.

Nicole said...

Noisemakers are great fun for the kids to play with when they're OUTDOORS and across the lawn from you! :-)

Glad to hear that E is going to therapy - it's been really helpful for Noah.