Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To sell, or not?

We were approached by a friend who is in real estate. She has a client looking to buy property in our neighborhood. We weren't really considering moving any time soon, but if the price was right, and we could find a decent house to move into, we would think about it. We think we can get enough for our house and land and may be able to afford a house in the same neighborhood as our good friends. The kids don't want to change schools, so we would have to drive them for the rest of the year for a short distance. Also, utilities would be a bit higher. We are on a well and septic here, and we burn fire wood for heat. So we end up saving a chunk of money on those expenses. We like country living, but all our projects take up a lot of our time. The kids like living here and have a lot to do, but also miss neighbor friends. What to do? Praying is what we are doing right now.


Salzwedel Family said...

Praying for your decision. It's a tough call, but you'll know what's right. We moved from the country two years ago and miss it terribly. We hope to move back in the spring of next year.

Robin said...

I am SO jealous of you. I wish someone would come to offer and buy our house. We have talked about moving, but there is so much involved that makes the timing not right, right now. Thought if someone offered to buy it (which would never happen), it would be a total God-send. I pray you are able to make the right decision for your family. Can't believe how big Elijah is getting. :)

Laurie said...

Oh I hate moving (hard to tell as I do it about every 4 years) but I really do HATE it.

This is a huge decision. For convenience sake it make sense but where do you feel safe / free in town or in the country?

I'll be watching to see what you guys finally decide. Good Luck!