Sunday, September 27, 2009

Summer's gone

But you wouldn't know it here! The kids are outside, K. is dressed up in her bathing suit with a ice cold glass of water in hand laying on the front porch. The weather is certainly a lot cooler now, especially at night. The forecast is predicting NW yuckiness is on it's way soon. We are somewhat prepared with firewood stacked (although still a bit wet) and sweaters out of storage.

Today I took the kids to church by myself. It is the second week I have sat with E. and struggled with his desire to make noise, hit me, whine and walk off. Today he did pretty well for about 15 to 20 minutes. I had to leave with him and give him a time out when the screaming started. A little boy in the hall was clearly concerned and kept asking his mom what was wrong with "that boy?" I was wondering the same thing! I honestly don't really know what set him off. His class was dismissed for Children's Church not long after that, and he was happy again. Anyone with advise on how to keep him still and well behaved during the 25 minutes in church would be helpful! Today he colored on a paper for about 5 minutes before losing interest. Snacks are not really allowed in the sanctuary, so that's not an option. I need to remember to pack some quiet toys in my purse for next week. Would it be a better idea to set up a chair in the foyer instead, or is it important to hold firm and not give him the control to ruin worship?

Also, E. has been asking for water a lot. Is this a novelty or phase? Should I be concerned with this at all, health wise? To go with the water... the frequent trips to the bathroom. Also he had an accident? on the middle of the boys' bedroom floor yesterday. Not sure if it was purposeful or not, but E. happily helped clean it up and changed his clothes.

In a few weeks we are having the boys' dedication. There are some bible verses on the sidebar of the blog. Please take a minute to vote on your favorite for each kiddo. We can't decide which one to use! The inlaws are planning a trip over and we are having a brunch at our home after church with some friends and family. The house will be FULL, but it will be fun.

As far as our thoughts on moving, we haven't heard from our realtor friend. So either her client is not interested or they are not in a rush. It's all good. We are thinking it won't benefit us much to move, unless we can get a lot more than our home is worth. We do like living here, but someday hope to build our dream home on this property, God willing.

I have stepped up my workout routine and even signed the little guys up for unlimited childcare at the gym. I figured I am not paying for preschool, so this can be their little time away from me. The play center at the gym is new and nice and perfect for them!

Tomorrow we have a busy day of dentist appointments and the boys are getting their hearing evaluated. It should be fun! L. has another soccer game too. His team plays 3 days a week on most days. It's a lot for school soccer in my opinion. They have lost 2 out of 2 games so far and their spirits are dampened.

In closing, can I say how much I love fall? The little boys went to the apple farm with me and Sarah the other day. I bought a box of apples and we went on a fun golf cart ride between the groves of apple trees. Candy corn is a food staple for us now, and soon we'll enjoy pumpkin pie and egg nog! The leaves haven't really turned colors yet, but soon! I will be sure to post some pictures this year. Happy end of summer....shhh, don't tell K!

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