Saturday, November 28, 2009

Message from our little girl

We got this email tonight:

I'm going to write what Mercy tells me now: (in her English)

Mommy and Daddy, is coming?
Thank you
bbbbbbrrrrr airplane.

me I want to go and me want to go swimming.
Mercy and Daddy going to America.

sister sleep up! (talking about bunk beds I think)
me I'm going to church today!!
Have a dog / cat? meow?


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One Crowded House said...

this is so cool!

Can you add a followers thing on the side of the blog- so I can get an update on a list of the blogger blogs I read? Otherwise I am terrible about checking blogs... (oh- and it still keeps it private- 'cause I have it on mine- and strangers can't get in to see it)... I am so excited to follow you on this journey!