Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trip to the doc

E. was SOOO excited to see the doctor today. He was talking all about it, even up until they called us into the exam room. He kept telling me he was going to say "good morning, doctor". While the doctor and I were talking, however, he was not as thrilled about being there. He kept telling me to not talk to the doctor and was throwing his toys at me and covering my mouth. Then the fun began, TB tests (both arms since he moved on the first one), two shots and talk of blood draw. I will wait for our return trip on Friday to draw blood. I need to wait for E. to forgive me for putting him through the torture he endured today.

We discussed speech therapy (he will get a referral for private therapy). We discussed another eye doctor who is great with young children. We discussed E.'s frequent urination and thirst (his urine was great, so no concern). We talked about his slow weight gain and growth. He has only gained about four pounds since March. He's in a size 2T and is 3.5. No real concerns though. He is getting his blood re-checked, and TB tests, since the doctor recommends doing this when kids first come home, then six months later. After his flu booster next month he will be all caught up on his vaccinations. He had to get most of them redone in the US.

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Kathy C. said...

I do NOT look forward to shots. They have had none so five years' worth of shots to do. Ugh.