Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh the things you can do

AND now,
a cheesy poem from me to our little S.:

Oh the things you can do
now that you are nearly two,

You can jump, run and dance
and put on a shoe,

You eat meals all by yourself
and help wash when you're through,

You brush your teeth
wipe your nose with a tissue,

You like to vacuum and sweep
we wonder if that's an issue,

You say your sorry
to the friend whose toy you threw,

You like to explore and climb
we help you if you get a boo-boo,

You love taking baths
and let us help you shampoo,

You are starting to make-believe
last night I saw you use kung-fu,

We love you so much
regardless of the permanent scribble you drew,

We're so glad you are ours
there's nothing we wouldn't do for you!

My apologies, I just had to do it!


One Crowded House said...

very cute... I hope you print that off and put it in his memory book...

Brenda said...

Don't apologize! It's precious.