Wednesday, November 25, 2009


  • Waited for something important to arrive in my in-box- it didn't
  • Bought a mattress and bed frame for C.
  • Made jello salad for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow
  • Made several calls to specialists regarding S.
  • Connected a bit with other adoptive parents
  • Worked out at the gym with my friend
  • Missed a very special little girl
  • Attended a Thanksgiving church service
  • Cleaned up the house a bit
  • Did three loads of laundry
  • Was glad that S. took a nap today after two days of not much rest
  • Made crock pot roast beef, but waited too late to put it in, and we didn't eat dinner until 8:15!
  • Watched Glee!
  • Sold a t-shirt. Thanks for your support and love Sarah!
  • Went grocery shopping with J. and little boys
  • Cleaned up after two "accidents" when E. waited too long to go to the potty
  • Looked forward to my mini getaway with friends
  • Pitched old paperwork and schoolwork
  • Thought about how thankful I am... many times

1 comment:

Momto14 said...

I am still wearing my shirt! I just love it. The fit is really nice and the material is so soft. gotta love organic! :)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving S. Family and I will see you my friend in the wee hours of the morning.
Love ya