Monday, April 5, 2010

A little update

We heard from our lawyer today....keep on praying!

I sent one of staff for the paperwork for mercy last week so we have what we need to move forward. Perhaps the only problem will be with the legal status of the orphanage, unfortunately the law seems to allow for two different registrations but the judges insist on a particular one, the one approving the home from the Minister in Charge of children. I did not see that in the documents i received. Am sure we can go round that though.
Am just sending u this so u can know that we shall begin ur process this coming week so u should get ready.
Please keep in touch, am still torn between an adoption and a legal guardianship, we shall try an adoption i think but am not so sure as i study Mercy's documents more i will be in position to make a final decision, this is a tough call for me Kimberly, please understand. But i should have made up my mind by the end of this week.
Please stay in touch.

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