Thursday, April 15, 2010

S. news

S. had an appointment at the hospital on Monday. He is doing well. Actually his doctors and surgeons were surprised that he was able to walk and talk. I was happy to report that he was doing these things, plus climbing, escaping, running, jumping, laughing, making funny faces, plays games, throws and kicks balls, has a temper....the list goes on and on. I was surprised that the medical staff was expecting so little of S. No one had told me that it could be a possibility, but it makes me so much more thankful for all that he can do. So when my child goes missing at a friend's birthday party and has six adults canvassing the property looking for him; I will thank God that he is clever and fast enough to sneak away!

S. has Chiari I malformation. It is pretty big. This can cause HUGE problems for him, causing extreme pain, mobility problems, swallowing and breathing issues. He will most likely need invasive brain surgery to correct this if any symptoms appear. For now, he doesn't communicate that he is having any symptoms. But if he is, we need to bring him in and his neurosurgeon will decide what to do. Please pray with us that S. will be healed and not need surgery on the Chiari.

S. will have plastic surgery in a few years on his nose as well. They want to wait on this for now to be sure that it will not effect his development.

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Kathy C. said...

He's amazing.

Sometimes people complain about my Jasmine--she's so off focus etc etc--and then get upset when I don't get upset with her but she is performing so far beyond what some people ever thought she'd do. I share a little of her challenges with some people but with others I just let them think I'm horrible!