Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's up?

Well, first of all, we have been very busy. We have some big things coming up, but I am not going to tell all the world right now. They are good things, some that may not happen, others that are happening soon. Let's just say that most would think it was an April Fool's joke if I shared!
  • I finished the girl's room, well at least for now. I painted a cute picture on canvas, but the colors were too bright and didn't go well. It did go perfectly in C.'s room, so that is where we will hang it.
  • We decided not to go vegan. Too much work at this point in my life. I do like the idea of doing it down the road, but for now it is so much easier to shop and cook for a larger family when we can use real milk, cheese, eggs, etc. We do a lot of vegetarian dishes, but also eat meat, fish and chicken at times. We are for sure cutting back though.
  • As far as the memorizing Philipians goes... slow. I am still planning on doing it, but it is taking me a very long time. But that's ok!
  • My birthday and E.'s is coming up soon! No big plans, but hope to find some fun activities to do on Saturday. On Easter we have my family coming out and I'm making some yummy food.
  • E. had another preschool screening yesterday. He is still delayed and we are waiting till Friday to hear if they feel like he needs an official evaluation. If he qualifies for the preschool program, he will most likely not go until fall.
  • I have been noticing E. hugging many people he barely knows lately. Like the cashier at Costco today. I don't know what to do when this situation happens...
E. "Can I hug you?"
stranger: "Oh, sure, you want a hug? Ok!"
Should I interject and say, "Please don't hug my son, we are still working on attachment."? Thoughts?

  • On the food issues I posted in the past. E. is doing MUCH better. He still really loves food and asks to eat a lot, but not as much as he was. We are sure to offer a healthy snack when he asks. He still sneaks from the kitchen sometimes, or will swipe something from a sibling's plate occasionally. Recently I have noticed he has become more picky with the food I cook. I am thinking much of the issues he has exhibited in the past and currently are more than likely behavior issues rather than health/medical related.


Corey said...

First, I need to say CONGRATULATIONS! about the email you sent! because I am lousy about email.

Re: hugging.. when he asks someone, I would quickly interject, No, Lovey, she looks very nice, but WE ONLY HUG OUR FAMILY, REMEMBER! (in a nice sing-songy voice) and you can either scoop him up in a hug, or ask him if he needs a Mommy hug.

Random store clerk won't have any idea what you're talking about if you say you're working on attachment.

When we went to big functions with lots of friends and Vivi was "looking for a new family", we emailed everyone ahead of time and told them they could high-five, shake hands or fist bump with her, but asked them not to hug her. As a reminder, we had her wear a homemade t-shirt that said "Saving my Hugs for Mom and Dad"

Jim and April said...

i've been slow on the philippians too, don't feel bad! I think I have the first 15-16 verses memorized!

Kathy C. said...

I have problems with the preschool teachers hugging all over the twins but since it's just the two teachers I'm trying not to freak over it. I've already asked them to treat the twins just like everyone else but one of them hugs all over all the kids. One day Kayla was mad at me and went to her teacher and they started hugging and I just said, "She's playing a mad game with mommy and I need her back" and I pulled her away from the teacher. Boy did I get some looks but the teacher knew what I meant (even if she didn't agree with me pulling Kayla away). We don't go too many places so don't have as much problem with it. It's home, school or soccer.

Angela :-) said...

I second Corey's suggestion. Also, for the times where you feel it might be warranted, have a business card size note to hand out with a link to an attachment website, something about E. still learning to be part of a family, etc.

Angela :-)