Saturday, April 17, 2010

E. news

  • E. had a second hearing screening the other day. He has perfect hearing. His behavior there was really great too. I suspect because Dad took him.
  • E. had a second screening for developmental preschool too. His first one was about six months ago and they told me they wanted to wait another six months until he has time to learn more English and adjust. This hasn't set well with me, but I felt like I couldn't do much about it. At the screening they decided to have him come in next week for an evaluation. It will take up to six weeks to write up an IEP if he qualifies, so he will not start preschool until fall. I am curious to see if he qualifies for preschool services, but the screening revealed he is delayed in these areas:
social development
had some difficulty in motor
  • Food issues are not a big deal anymore.
  • Attachment issues are becoming more noticable, but nothing too difficult. He usually shows some bad behavior to get my attention. It is mainly directed toward me. For example: I am talking on the phone and washing dishes. Dad is standing right behind me, cooking. E. runs up to me, yells something at me and punches my thigh. Then runs off. I am trying to teach him that if he needs me, to come up and quietly put his hand on my leg and wait.
  • He can really get amped up and has a difficult time self calming. I see this the most with new people and friends. Many people think his personality is cute, but it can get quite annoying after just a few minutes.
  • E. is a very sweet loving kid. He is funny and full of energy. He likes to play outside, ride his little bike, swing, play in the sand box and with his sibs. He is becoming a good big brother to S. by alerting us when S. is trying to escape or get into trouble.

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Kathy C. said...

Hope you get the services you need.