Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New me

Yes I an a little late with the New Year post, but I have been busy. I found a Blogger app for my phone which will help blog a little more (lucky you!). I hope you all had an awesome and safe Christmas and New Year celebration. We did. I have been spending the week meditating on what I want to change or improve on in 2012.

Get Organized.

Be a better mom.

Read the bible daily.

Become VEGAN. I am adopting the vegan diet, mainly for health and weight loss reasons.

Getting fit. This has been a resolution I have failed in before, but I am looking at it as a lifelong goal, not just a resolution. The new year has given me a fresh start to get motivated. I will be blogging about my weight loss adventures. So stay tuned!

New hobbies:
For Christmas, J bought me an older VW Transporter bus. We are going to be learning some new things as we work on getting it up and running smoothly. I would also love to pimp it out a bit!

I also am getting involved with Roller Derby. I met a few people on a Facebook group who are members of the Bellingham Roller Betties. They are in need of officials to volunteer their time. So I am going to be tagging along to a scrimmage in a week to get some information and check it out! Also, J is planning on volunteering for security at their bouts.

Bartering. I got involved with a bartering group on Facebook and I am hooked! I have a surplus of stuff to use for trades, and I have been enjoying clearing out clutter for things we need or have wanted. I have also met some great new local people through people. I will write a separate blog on my bartering adventures soon.

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calbri said...

Love it!! Does it have carpet in the back?