Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas to us

The girls and I had a great time at the Nutcracker in Seattle. We loved it, and the girls loved staying at the Hilton in Bellevue. It was quite a treat and we were able to finish up our shopping. We celebrated Christmas yesterday because Jeremiah is working over the holiday. We had a nice relaxing day together. The kids of course woke us up early, then we read the bible together and opened gifts. We kept it simple this year and I have to say, it was very nice and less stressful. The kids got some fun toys and things and we received some money from relatives to go toward the adoption. We have about $2500 left to go plus airfare and any additional expenses. Thank you to all who have helped. Anyway, after gifts we ate a nice breakfast, played a game of Clue, watched a movie and ate a snacky type lunch. We had a birthday cake for Jesus. Kylie got to blow the candles out this year. We had a delicious dinner and I was so full by the end of the day. Just a few more days to indulge before diet time!

Tomorrow eve. we are going to a friend's house for dinner and on Christmas day the kids and I are going to my parents house. I wish all of you a very blessed Christmas.

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