Monday, December 10, 2007

Prayer Requests for COTP

Please pray for Children of the Promise, Haitian adoptions and the people of Haiti.

"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”
Isaiah 9:6


- Wilnise went home to Florida on November 30 to her adoptive family!

- Nadege went home to Alberta and to her adoptive family on December 4.

- Mathieu went home to Oregon on December 6 to his adoptive family!

- Lily turned 4 on November 22, Woosben turned 4 on November 25, Obenson turned 4 on December 5, Kassandra turned 4 on December 6, and Reggie turned 1 year old on December 7! We are so thankful for the lives of these precious children!

-We are so thankful for good volunteers! Christina and Nancy have been a huge blessing to us, the babies, and the COTP staff. Please pray for continued health and strength for them as they wrap up their time here!

-Mary Young is also here right now and we are thankful for the time she can be here and the love she can bring to our kids!!

-Maria and Arlyn had a wonderful time in the Dominican Republic. They are now back at COTP – we are glad to have them back! J

-The flu bug and the fevers are gone!! Thanks for praying!

-Jacque has his passport!

-Jeffley is out of MOI!!!

-Landie is out of IBESR

The Staff and Volunteers

-Pray for Daryl and Sara, Blake and Katie, Maria, and Arlyn as they oversee the daily operation of Children of the Promise. This is a big job and can be overwhelming and very tiring at times! Pray for patience, strength, good health, and wisdom and discernment with all the decisions they need to make.

-Mary will be flying home to South Carolina on December 13, pray for safe travels for her.

-Nancy will be flying home to Montana on December 16, pray for safe travels for her.

-Christina will be flying home to Michigan on December 19, pray for safe travels for her.

-Pray for Antonio, Paulaine, and Clegy as they gather the paperwork necessary for adoptions and then get that paperwork to where it needs to go. Pray that the three of them will be able to work together effectively as a team and that they will not become overwhelmed and frustrated. Pray for them as they speak to our babies’ biological families and work with them to make the best decision for their children’s future.

-Fifi (one of our nannies) gave birth to a stillborn little baby on November 22. Please pray for her and for her husband as they go through this hard time that doesn’t make sense to them or to us. Pray for comfort for her.

-Continue to keep Suzette, our other nanny who lost her baby recently, in your prayers. She is doing better but still missing her little boy.

-Two of our nannies: Mme Ga and Nadia are pregnant. Pray for a good pregnancy and healthy babies for both of them.

The Children

-Pray that Christy will grow and thrive as she is transitioning from living at COTP to now living with her biological father. Pray that if she becomes sick that her father will take her back to us so that we can give her the medical attention/care that she needs.

-Wich-Love is our newest addition to the COTP family! She came on December 7 weighing 14lbs. She is 6 months old. Her mother is not capable of caring for her and her father is at a complete loss of what to do with her. Wich-Love is failure to thrive and is not interested in drinking at all. For the time being we are feeding her formula by syringe. Pray that she will start drinking from a bottle and grow into a happy and healthy little girl!!

-We have a lot of little ones right now. Pray that they will all grow, thrive, and gain weight. They are: Emmanuel (5 weeks), Jed (5 months), Richard (6 months), Nikenson (6 months), Wich-Love (6 months), Naomie (8 months), Yanise (8 months), Ruth-Nallie (8 months), and Daniella (10 months).

-Pray for our HIV positive children: Jeniflore and Samuel. Pray for good health for them.

-Yanise is in the hospital right now suffering from a sickle cell crisis. She is on oxygen and requiring IV fluids to keep her hydrated and IV antibiotics. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses caring for her. Pray that the medications she is on will be effective.

-Continue praying for Ruth-Nallie’s health. She is growing and becoming stronger and healthier but she is still tiny and weak with a long road ahead of her! Her echocardiogram showed that she has an ASD – we are not sure of the severity of it at this point. She may need surgery, she may not. Pray for her heart to stay strong (right now she is showing minimal symptoms of having a heart defect which is a huge praise!) and that she will gain weight and not get sick again. Pray for wisdom for us as we care for her.

-Pray that God would be preparing Jesse’s, Moise’s, Isabelle’s, and Jacque’s hearts for this huge transition that is coming up. All four of them will be going home to their adoptive families within the next few weeks. Jesse and Moise are both 5 years old, Isabelle is 2 ½ years old, and Jacque is 3 years old. Pray that it will be a smooth transition for them and for their adoptive families.

Adoptions and Medical Visas

-Pray for adoptive homes for Yanise and Ruth-Nallie.

-Pray for patience and peace for adoptive families as they wait for their little one(s) to come home. We have had so many frustrating setbacks with papers and legalities and a lot of adoptive families are really discouraged. We, at COTP, are also really discouraged with how long things are taking. We are bursting at the seams and this makes it difficult to take in new babies that need care and have nowhere else to go. We need our children with adoptive families to start going home to their forever families so that we can decrease our numbers and be able to accept more sick and/or orphaned infants. Our kids are getting older and it’s also important for them to be home with their families before they grow up too much. L This may seem like a repetitive request but it is urgent.

-Pray that things in MOI would begin to speed up and that more of our files would be signed out soon. We are beginning to see files coming out of MOI and this is a huge praise. We have heard rumors that a lot of files should be coming out of MOI before the end of this year. Pray that that is true!

-We have many children that are out of MOI and in the final stages of the adoption process before they will be able to go home. Pray that these children: Jesse, Moise, Isabelle, Jacque, Kassandra, Noah, Pierre, and Jeffley will be able to go to their forever families soon!

-Pray that passports would be issued for Pierre and Jeffley soon!

-Pray that the papers for Jesse and Moise would be fixed this week so that they can go home to their adoptive family.

-Pray that the paper situation with Jacque will be straightened out this week so that he can also go home. Pray the same for Noah.

-Kassandra is out of MOI but she has a sibling, Robert, that is still in MOI. Pray that Robert will exit MOI soon so that Kassandra and Robert can go home to their adoptive family soon!

-We are helping another missionary with getting a little boy out on a medical visa. This little boy is living with his family outside of Cap-Haitien. He was born with his heart in his abdominal area. His heart is just underneath his skin – there is nothing (like a rib cage!) protecting it. One little fall could cost him his life. He is now 2 years old and Antonio is working hard at getting him to the US for surgery. He does have his passport now!! Pray that the rest of the pieces will fall into place quickly so he can travel soon. Pray for protection and good health for this little boy until his visa is ready and pray that all the paperwork will come together quickly!

-We are also working on a medical visa for two hydrocephalic children whose families have come to us asking for help. These children are still living with their families. Henri is 4 ½ months old and Joanise is 15 months old. A doctor, along with 2 hospitals – one in Pennsylvania and one in Delaware, have offered free care for these two children as well as many other hydrocephalic children that another organization here in Haiti is working to get medical visas for. This is a HUGE praise but now we have to raise the money for Joanise and Henri and get everything in place so they can head for the States. Please be praying for these two children!!

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