Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One of those days...

I was very upset this morning, about such a minor problem. Lost glasses. Corinn had a vision checkup this morning and was supposed to bring her new glasses with her. I asked her to set them next to my purse (the brown one!) so that we would know where they are in the morning.
This morning, after a terrible night of sleep (weird dreams and nightmares) I got the kids and I ready to go. I went to grab the glasses case and noticed, no glasses. Corinn was NO help trying to find them at the last minute. We never did before we had to leave. I was so irritated and it was like a months worth of stress had just broken loose. I have been upset at the lack of respect the kids have had about chores, taking care of their things, etc.
Yesterday I put away some bicycles that have been out in the rain for about 2 months. One of them was very rusty and the wheels would not move.
To top it off, there is a mouse nest under our minivan hood. The tech. found it when he was changing our oil. Great. Wonder if he is friends with the mouse in the wall by our bed? I don't like this part of country living.
So I open my email today and got a very nice encouraging email from my awesome sister in law, telling me how much they miss us and what a neat family we are. I love ya Heidi, it was so nice to hear!

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