Friday, December 7, 2007

New Haircut

I got a haircut today with my friend Sarah. She called me the other day after watching Oprah saying that we need to go get a new do. I was so thankful for her hubby to take my kids to school today. Her daughter watched Kylie too! It was so nice to get pampered. Then we went to a tea/restaurant place in Lynden for lunch. Yummy. We stopped in a few little shops and found some fun things to buy. It was a very nice break with a great friend. Loved it.

Kylie also has a new haircut. She cut her hair last week for the third time in her short little life. She loves the scissors! I am a bad mom for having them accessible (just ask my mom). I now have all scissors up out of reach of four year olds. She cut her bangs very short. (at least this time it is just her bangs) She has ballet pictures tomorrow morning and a recital for Christmas next week. I am praying that they will grow fast before then! I tried to put her hair in a bun to practice and her poor hair looks hideous. I am also telling everyone that SHE did it, not me, in case they were wondering.


Momto16 said...

You should post a picture of yourself and your new fancy haircut! :)

K. said...

I will if you will!!!