Monday, December 17, 2007

Our Christmas Letter

Christmas wishes from the Smith family!

We have had a wonderful year here in beautiful Western WA. We are still busy as ever, with three active kids, two spastic dogs, and a cat that hides under the house. We are in the process of adding to the chaos by adopting a 20-month-old boy from Haiti. His name is Elijah and we are so excited to bring him home in the next year (hopefully). Kim became involved in volunteer work for an organization called Real Hope for Haiti. She traveled to Texas for a week to be with two infants with severe health problems while they had life saving surgery. As a family we helped care for these babies while they were healing. One baby, Helande, was living with us for several months. The kids helped out a lot and treated her like their baby sister. In the fall Kim traveled with the two babies and her friend Sarah to Haiti to bring the girls home and volunteer in the orphanage we are adopting from. She met Elijah and gave him lots of hugs and bobos (Creole for kisses).

Last month, one of the precious babies we cared for died at a Haitian hospital. She is now in heaven and has no more pain. Ella will always be in our hearts.

Jeremiah is involved on our church’s worship team. He plays drums, guitar, sings, leads the team once a month and has even played electric guitar a few times. He really has grown as a musician and loves to serve in this way. He has also taken on a second job working for a friend who builds custom homes. This has been great for those adoption expenses and travel costs. He has a lot of time off from his "real" job, so he can work a few days in a row with Doug. What a blessing.

Kim is busy with home schooling the kids. Loren and Corinn attend a program through the school district for home schooling families. It has been a great balance for us. The kids go to fun, educational classes twice a week and Mom enjoys the break. Her traveling with babies was the highlights of her year. She has learned so much and has really fallen in love with the children of Haiti. Her goal for 2008 is to learn to speak Creole.

Loren will be 11 in March. He was involved in soccer last fall and is now in wrestling. This is his first season so he is learning a lot. He is in 5th grade and classes at home are getting tougher but he’s up for the challenge. Loren has a big heart and is an excellent big brother.

Corinn is 9 and is so creative. She is always drawing or making something out of paper, clay, cardboard…anything! She has been doing very well in school this year and enjoys all the art classes she is taking. One of the classes at school is called The Art of Public Speaking. She told me that she was disappointed because they haven’t done any art, just speaking. I think the name threw her off! She also has a great love for animals. Our poor dog, Jackson, is always being towed around but he loves her anyway. He sleeps at her feet every night.

Kylie is going to be 5 in February. She loves anything girly. She likes to style hair, apply makeup and dress up. She likes to dance in the living room for whoever will watch her. She is taking ballet lessons and really enjoys it. Kylie can’t wait to start kindergarten in the fall. She has a lot of little friends at the kids’ school and church.

This year we are celebrating Christmas at home, and even a few days early since Jeremiah will be working on the 24th and 25th. I don’t think the kids will mind opening gifts early. For year round updates on our family including pictures, check out our website-

We hope you have a very happy holiday season and God bless you in 2008!

With love,

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