Tuesday, April 28, 2009


E. has been home for nearly two months.  He's still doing remarkably well.  Today, my tired and weary bones have had enough of the single mom life (hubby is still out of town until late Thursday night).  

Elijah shoved baby S. at the Burger King playground today, just because.  When I told him to say he's sorry (I know he can) he refused, and chose a long time out on the bench next to me. Then he said "I be right back" and I allowed him to go apologize, but he ran off to play (my mistake).  When I called him, he came to me, refused again to say "sorry" and slowly and deliberately stuck out his tongue at me.  He sat on my lap for another 5 minutes, then finally said "sorry".  

He's been putting things in his mouth quite a bit lately.  Just a few minutes ago I took these pics.  He mouths his toys, hands, furniture, etc.  I have noticed this a lot these past few days, but am not quite sure if it's a new habit, or one I just haven't paid attention to until now.

As I was taking his pics he started crying for no reason, unless he had bitten his fingers?  Or he didn't want me to post embarrassing photos on my blog for all to see?

He's been doing so well at the potty training.  He stays dry most of the day with big boy underwear on.  He told me while he and S. were in the baby corral (Sarah talked me into getting one!) that he had to go pee pee.  While I rushed to help him I noticed the seat to his potty chair had a mess that needed to wiped down.  I was cleaning it up and he kept saying "go pee pee in toilet!" and I said, "yes, just a minute".  He did not have a minute to wait and held his poor knees together while he peed in his underwear, running down his legs.  Poor kiddo.  Totally my fault.  Speaking of toilet issues, we are awaiting the stool test results to see if he has any parasites.  

Now onto the mysterious rash on his sweet cheek.  We've talked with the doctor twice about it. First we thought it was ringworm.  We treated it for a full month topically.  It did not get better.  It changed shapes and spread.  The second time we treated it with a cortizone type prescription ointment.  It improved a lot over the next several days, but now is getting bad again.  I called the doctor and spoke to the nurse today.  I haven't heard back but hopefully tomorrow I will know what they think the next course of action should be.

Three of the five children have a cold.  Yucky snot, cough, sneezing.  Elijah sneezes and snot shoots onto the floor.  S. wipes the snot ALL over his face.  C. says her cough hurts her throat so bad she wishes she was dead.  

To top off the list on the medical mysteries.  I am late.  I am not quite sure how late since I do not keep track of the monthly visit.  I had several surgeries in the past that would make pregnancy nearly impossible.  I hope all is ok, and am giving my body until Friday. Then I will call my doctor to check things out.

I could not do this alone for a long period of time, or you may find me in the nut house.  Oh, by the way, the neighbor girl invited herself over to enjoy a wonderfully healthy dinner of corn dogs and carrot sticks.  Love it.  Also love that while playing at her house for all of five minutes, the neighbor girl and 3 of my kids all ran over here to tattle on K. about something very trivial.  Her parents couldn't be bothered I guess.  By the way, the neighbor girl is an only child.  Do you think a neighbor could help a girl out?

Sorry if I come across negatively.  I am wiped.  When is bedtime?
P.S. I'm also sorry for the poor picture quality.  I've been daydreaming of getting a nice camera lately.  Maybe Mother's Day, Christmas and next year's birthday gift combined?  Probably getting a new dishwasher or clothes washer should be a priority. They are both on their last leg.


One Crowded House said...

we think Eli is allergic to the cats- and he got a rash on his cheeks similar to that this weekend when he got his face by a bunch of cat hair.... do you have any pets that E could be allergic too? Benadryl cleared up Eli's... but I had to give him more before bed last night- I think the pollen in the air is making everything worse and more itchy.

Kathy C. said...

Hang in there!!

mama bear said...

We have two dogs, one is mostly outdoors, while the other is mostly indoors. L. and I are both allergic to cats, so we don't have one inside, we do have an outdoor barn cat though who E. has never met (dislikes small children!) I am allergic to dogs too, but I haven't had a reaction to ours. I will ask about this when we see the doctor again. I would think that the rash would be on different parts of his body though? Maybe not.

One Crowded House said...

Eli only got the rash on his face when he broke out because of the cat hair (that was on our screened porch)... but the benadryl really cleared it up right away... I would think your E's would go away if you were treating it (and it was animal allergy somehow). Poor little guy- I hope they figure it out soon! This pollen is making our Eli want to claw his eyes out!

Ericka said...