Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cloth diapers and Donations

I received this email from the adoption coordinator for COTP:

Hey everyone. Below is an email from an agency we work closely with. I use cloth diapers on my daughter and just love it. This looks like a great deal to help orphans around the world and even in Haiti! (their agency even supports COTP). If you don't know anyone to buy cloth diapers for, we at COTP could always use them. ;) Have fun looking. Just wanted to at least pass this on. 

Adoption Coordinator 
Children of the Promise, Haiti 


OK, friends, don’t delete this email just because you hear ‘cloth diapers’.  Hear me out!

As you know, my 3 children are all almost grown, Eric is 16, Julie turns 19 soon and Tim is 20.  Even back then when they were babies, I used cloth diapers for my daily life and only used disposibles when I traveled.  I really really liked cloth diapers.  Why?  I felt that they were better for the babies bottoms.. less diaper rash!  I felt that they were better for the environment.  And, they saved me a lot of money.  They were really easy to take care of.  Back then, 20 years ago, people started using ‘diaper wraps’ instead of pins and plastic pants.  Back then there was just one brand… Biobottoms.  They are Velcro diaper covers which make cloth diapering a real breeze!  I loved them!  These days, there are many many choices of different kinds and fabrics of diaper wraps and even different kinds of cloth diapers!

For the months of May and June, an online cloth diaper company will be donating all proceeds to CCI for our adoption agency!  SO, this is your chance to try out cloth diapers and the benefit will go to orphans!  Please visit the company site:     They were planning on closing their site (you will see that on their site) but now, instead, they will stay open for a few months as a benefit to CCI. 

Please share this site with anyone and everyone you know!  Don’t start shopping until May 1, but you can explore the site now!  I truly believe in cloth diapers and I am so excited to see how this turns out!  Please let your family, friends and church members know about this so that they can purchase items and help this cause!  Any questions about cloth diapers can be directed to me or to Sara who owns LilDiaperDepot!


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