Saturday, May 16, 2009

Decisions Made

We finally made the final decisions about school next year. L. is enrolled in middle school. He went to a meeting to learn all about Jr. High life. I met with his counselor to discuss placement based on past testing scores. (he will be placed in normal 7th grade classes, but if it's really simple for him they will consider testing him for their Aiming High classes) C. and K. will be home schooled, and although at first I was considering doing it all on my own, I had a reality check and decided to re-enroll in the parent partnership program we used this year. I just can't turn away the funding we will receive for activities and field trips we may not normally be able to afford.
The funds also cover fun things like Legos and these Kapla building bricks.

Although at times the paperwork seems overwhelming, the rewards are great.  We will keep on plugging away and reaping the benefits from the school funded program.  


Tommy's mommy said...

Hope the next school year goes well. We meet with the Ferndal sd on Wednesday to talk about preschool special ed services. The twins start in December, but we are still deciding if we should go to private preschool, school district, or go on our own. Each has pros and cons. The parent partnership program sounds interesting.

linda said...

How is it with one child at school and the others home?