Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer Plans

What to do, that is the question. Why am I so worried about summer activities right now?  The home-school program we are in allows us to us our stipend money for summer!  The only thing is, we have to plan ahead and turn in a form with when, where and how we plan on spending our money over the summer.  So, I am left to ponder, plan and dream until June 10th, when the form is due.  

I know we would like to drive down to my sister's house to camp in her yard and visit some local sights.  I would like to do some hiking, swimming and field trips.  

L. is planning on taking a babysitting course that trains kids ages 12 and up to care for children with special needs.  He will be learning CPR and first aid too!  

I am in the planning stages of holding a garage sale to raise money for adoption expenses.  It sounds like our church is ok with having it at their parking lot!  

We have some family coming to visit in June (we are so excited about this!) and VBS is the last week of June.  

There's an American Girl summer day camp we may sign the girl's up for.  At the same time there's a preschool program that would be great to entertain E!

We are planning on attending the reunion for COTP as long as it is still a go, last we heard the attendance was slim.  

Grandma and Grandpa want the kids to stay a while at their house sometime in Aug.  

We also plan on a fun camping trip.  

We are still planning our trip to Mexico... dreaming away!

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Kathy C. said...

Wow! Lots of plans in the works. All the ideas sound great. Right now we are just looking at overnight camp for Jasmine, VBS and swim lessons. Jessica will go to a college up in GA for band camp for a week. She & Ty will be working full time this summer so that will be different for us. Ty usually goes to IN for most of the summer but this year it will only be for 3 weeks.