Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nothing finished, or even started

I was going to go to a homeschooling convention all day today.  It was from 8-4 with an hour lunch break.  While I was really looking forward to it, I was having some doubt to whether or not I should go.  J. had been working a lot this week, and it's his first day off.  He has some really big projects going on around the house and yard. If I was gone it would not get done, because the little boys need constant supervision and our big helper L. is at Grandma and Grandpas house.  I set the alarm to get up and make a decision this morning.  I decided not to go.  Too much would be sacrificed.  I really want that room to be finished, the pool to get fixed, the grass to be mowed and the fence to be build!  

I was excited to stay home today and help work on some of those projects, or at least keep the kids busy while J. worked on them!  He was leaving to get some gas for the lawnmower when the phone rang.   He got called into an emergency at work.  So there he is, and here I am, holding a little boy who has cried for the last hour and refuses to sleep even though he's exhausted.  Listening to another little boy cry in his crib.  Not getting a thing done.  Wishing I had more energy, resources, and time in the day.  Hoping that Monday will be the day when at least ONE project gets finished.  

Update: One little boy is now asleep, which hopefully will influence the other!  I may get something done today after all, even if it's just the laundry.

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