Monday, May 4, 2009

a visit to the doctor

I went to the doctor today. I made the appointment because of my female problem, which decided to resolve itself the day after I made the appointment.  I thought about canceling but I also had been sick for the last few days and getting worse.  I've had the most horrible cough and pain in my chest.  I decided to keep the appointment and discuss what could have been the cause of my female problem and my cough.  

I showed up at the doctor's office and noticed a large sign on the door warning clients to not enter if they are showing symptoms of the swine flu (or whatever they are calling it now).  I almost turned around, since my symptoms were similar, but read further.  It said if you have a cough to ask for a mask and gloves at the front desk.  I went to the desk to check in and discretely added "I also have a little cough".  It was not too discreet when I was the only person in the waiting room wearing the paper mask over my nose and mouth.  

Then, when the doctor came in and we had discussed the whole problem that resolved itself, he finally asked, "now why are you wearing a mask?"  I laughed and said that I have had a cough.  He listened to my chest and felt around my abdomen.  He said it sounds bad on my right lung and prescribed antibiotics.  Early stages of pneumonia.  I am glad to know I am not a wimp and that this cough is as bad as it feels.  I hope the pills kick it's butt!

I did find it interesting that despite the similar symptoms I was showing to the swine flu, or whatever it's called now, my doctor did not even mention it.  He never asked if I'd been possibly exposed to it, nor did he want to test me for it.  So much for a pandemic!

And the girly problem?  It may be related to my thyroid, stress, or just a weird thing that can happen.  I got my blood drawn at the lab (while still wearing my mask) and we'll see if my thyroid levels are ok.  The lab tech did more questioning about the swine flu than my doctor!


Salzwedel Family said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! I went to the eye doctor last night and they had things posted about the infamous swine flu. I am so sick of hearing about this nonsense.

Raising Olives said...

How horrible, sorry that you're sick and hope that you feel better soon.

Life in a Shoe just posted about swine flu and included some great links. Basically the premise is that this is a lot of news about nothing. 35,000 people die each year of influenza in the U.S. nearly 10 times that amount world wide and to date we have had 13 deaths from swine flu. I link to Life in a Shoe in my blogroll, so you can find it there.