Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pipe dream?

My friend Sarah and I are great at sharing each others' wild and crazy dreams.  We recently have been talking about a drive down the west coast thru Oregon and California.  We will be doing this on our own, no husbands (they will be home working and supporting our dreams!) and with 15 kids total!  Crazy?  Yes, but so much fun. 

We always have a great time together, whether it's sitting in the hospital for a week with two sick babies, going to Haiti to visit our boys, working out at the local gym, shopping at thrift stores, or going to the hot springs for a night or two.  Rarely can you find a friend that you can hang with doing ALL those activities and still have lots to talk about for two hours on the phone after we get home.

Anyway, we are planning on going on this trip in August sometime, driving our two vans, and tent camping.  We will make lots of stops at all the fun, educational places we can think of, and have a great end of summer trip.  We are even thinking of having our hard working husbands fly down and meet us in San Diego on their days off.  If you live on the west coast and would be up for a visit from two crazy moms and lots of fun, loud, hopefully happy kids; let me know. We would love to arrange some stops to meet some friends.  We would also be happy to know there are some backyards out there that can host two or three tents.  If you have a great must see idea for our trip, please share!  

We are also dreaming about writing a book about our adventure.  We will see how this pans out, but we have all sorts of ideas up our sleeves.

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Tommy's mommy said...

You never cease to amaze me! What a fantastic idea. Your kids are going to have so many great experiences from the trip. Oh I can't wait to hear the details!