Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Haircuts and Glasses and more

K. got glasses! We had no idea her eyesight was as bad as it is. She told me last month she thinks she can see better out of one eye then the other. Sure enough, she is far sided and needs glasses. The doctor was surprised she hadn't come in sooner (she's six) but she passed her screening tests. She will take a while to get used to the glasses and the doctor even mentioned the possibility of patching for a bit. Poor girl. The excitement of something new hasn't worn off yet though, so we hope she will always stay this positive! E. got a haircut yesterday, due to crying fits when someone tries to comb his curls.  It is so much easier to care for now!  He looks so handsome. 

E. is doing good.  He is scheduled for his evaluation by the Children's Neurodevelopmental Center next Thursday.  I can't wait to see how he does.  We are still learning so much about him, and he surprises us every day.  His English is improving and his personality is emerging.  

He is attached to two silly little toys lately.  We call them his "guys".  He carries them around everywhere and I find that it is better than his fist clenching he was doing.  It seems to calm him and make him happy to have his "guys" with him.
We are going on a "camping" trip this weekend.  My sister lives about 3 hours south of us and has horses.  She is letting us set up camp on her farm for 3 nights.  We should have good weather and the kids will have lots of fun.  We are also planning on going to some fun places near her.  A bridesmaid dress shopping trip is also in the works.  Should I get a dress that fits me now and then have it altered, or buy one that is a few sizes too small?  Her wedding is in November.

Also, please read below for the newest on my fundraiser for Real Hope for Haiti.  I still just have one pledge and I really want to earn a lot for the people in Haiti.  

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